DarktanikarCraft Server and Forum Rules


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welcome to the Darktanikarcraft Server and Forum Rules!
the Server and Forum rules have been put into place to ensure all of us respect each other and enjoy or time on the server and forums.
Please make sure you read and understand each of the rules in place.

Darktanikarcraft Server Rules
  1. No Griefing - Please do Not grief or attempt to grief other players builds on the server. Players put alot of time and effort into building and do Not expect to have their builds griefed.​
  2. No Spamming - Please do Not sapm the chat as this can be very annoying and could end up with your account being banned from the server.​
  3. No Advertising - Advertising other Game Servers will get your account muted or banned.​
  4. No Cursing/Swearing - Please do Not curse on the server as there maybe children who play on the server and it is unfair.​
  5. No Racist or Sexist Remarks - No Racism or sexiest comments, we are on the server to have fun and Racism or sexism is unacceptable!​
  6. No Asking for OP/Ranks/items - If you wish to apply for a staff position then please use the form provided on the forum. Please do Not keep pestering staff for a rank/OP/items. This will likely result in your application being automatically denied.​
  7. Respect other Players and Staff - We are on the server to have fun, please respect other players and staff.​
  8. No Modded Clients or Hacks - Modded clients and hacks ruin the survival experience and are not allowed on the server. Certain mods like Optifine is ok to use.​
  9. No Full Caps Messages - Please do not use full caps in the chat.​
  10. No Builds near spawn - The spawn area is protected but please do Not build too close to the spawn area in the Survival World.​
  11. No 1x1 Towers - They look untidy and most players don't like seeing them randomly everywhere!​
Please use common sense and try not to break the basic rules. Enjoy the Game as it was intended!
Darktanikarcraft Forum Rules

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